Partners' engagement

Vincent Meyer (LCR) - Coordinator of the SOLID Life project

"I was part of the Solidia project team at the beginning of the project at the R&D center in September 2013. Till end of 2015 I took the lead of the overall project and especially the Solid Life European Project. During these years I could see the great evolutions of the technology and the knowledge we acquired on the Solidia cement and the Solidia concrete aspects. Ordinary Portland cement has more than 200 years feedback and we are still performing research and development on it. Therefore the development of a new sustainable product like Solidia with the kinetics of a startup company is for me a great and exciting challenge. The Life program support obtained through Solid Life project is essential to fasten the development of this technology in Europe."

Isabelle Sgro (LCR)

"I'm involved in Solidia project since the beginning in all the cement production campaigns and I understand the huge stakes of this innovative cement/technology.

I am project manager for Solidia Applications and I deal with precast customers in Europe and North America that are motivated to implement this technology in their production.

Solidia Cement comes with a technical package which has to be explained to customers during the first step of our collaboration. My role is to provide this technical support before, during and after the trials.

Thanks to the commitment of everyone there is a nice future for this innovative product."

Olivier Bernard (TCEA)

“I first came in the Solidia project at the beginning of 2016 when I was tasked to assess the suitability of European cement plants to produce this new type of clinker. It was an interesting exercise to use the comments from the people who had experience in the industrial production of Solidia to put together a list of criteria and to apply them in the selection process.

After participating in the second industrial campaign in Whitehall, I can now say that I joined the small group of Solidia clinker producers!”

Anja Ebenschweiger (Lafarge Zementwerke Austria, LZW)

”An important step to bring the Solidia cement into the market is to have an appropriate certification so that customers can use Solidia cement to produce their own standardized products like pavers or roof tiles. For all products without an existing harmonized European standard the ETA (European Technical Assessment) is the first standardization step possible. 

As action leader for this part of the project I want to ensure that the performance of the binder and the robustness and durability parameters of concrete made out of Solidia cement for the intended applications is tested and certified through the ETA process.”

Bartosz Obidzinski (Lafarge Cement S.A.) (Pl)

"I am responsible for marketing and development of LafargeHolcim solutions for B2B customers in POland. I'm involved in Solidia project since 2015. Several visits to precast producers and discussions about Solidia applications convinced me that this project can be a breakthrough for the cement and concrete industry.

Using Solidia cement we can reduce CO2 emissions and significantly improve the precast production process. In addition as we develop Solidia based products we discover new market oppotunities. Better performances and aesthetic, faster delivery, sustainability generate additional value of those products for the producer and end-user."

Nick DeCristofaro (Solidia Technologies®)

Nick DeCristofaro is Chief Technology Officer at Solidia Technologies®.  In that role, he is responsible for the company's research, development, engineering, and intellectual property functions.  He will contribute to both the Solidia Cement and CO2-cured, Solidia Concrete components of the Solid Life project.

Devin Patten (Solidia Technologies®)

As the Director of Technology Deployment for Solidia Technologies®, Devin manages various commercialization efforts in North America and Europe. Working at Solidia since 2010, Devin has led trials to initiate Solidia's implementation at precast concrete producers in 9 countries.

Sean Quinn (Solidia Technologies®)

Sean manages research programs at Solidia Technologies® related to the characterization of cement properties and the curing of Solidia cement based concretes. Sean has worked at Solidia Technologies since 2013 and collaborated on previous pilot and industrial cement production campaigns.

Andrew Dunster (Building Research Establishment)

Andrew Dunster is a Principal Consultant in the Materials Technology Group at BRE, (a research and technology organisation in the UK) and he has a background in chemistry and geology. He is contributing to project tasks associated with establishing durability and performance of SOLIDIA concrete, advising on European Technical Assessment (ETA) and dissemination of the project findings.